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Microfinance opened the door for the poor to gain access to financial services including micro-credits. Microfinance opens opportunities for micro, small, and medium enterprises to develop. The financial inclusion initiatives have provided clients with access to credit, transfers, insurance, savings, and others. It helps create economic value for individuals and communities



National Microfinance is a non-profit Foundation that was established in Yemen in October 2003; however, it launched its field operations in 2004 being financed by contributions from the Social Fund For Development, contributions from a number of social leaders and local foundations which believed that the provision of financial services like saving, loan, etc. will increase the level of income and improve the living conditions of the targeted groups. National Microfinance Foundation is considered as the first and largest microfinance foundation in Yemen and it is the only foundation in Yemen that performs field collection, too. The network of the foundation ranges across 20 branches and offices, most of its services are centered in rural areas and the number of its staff amounted to 160 Employees